Chameleons at play, EMMA HACK

An Australian artist based in Adelaide, specialising in camouflage aesthetics, Emma Hack has created a series of artworks called Wallpaper, in collaboration with the Florence Broadhurst wallpaper company. These works are a fascinating cross between painting, body painting and photography, where the artist masks the human body within backgrounds of Florence Broadhurst’s elaborate neo-Liberty wallpaper designs, creating strange narrative interplays in a mood of dreamlike realism. Emma’s activities involve her in both the international art world and the advertising industry: in 2012 her notoriety was hugely boosted by her painterly contribution to the music video for Gotye’s song “Somebody that I used to know”.


Artista australiana con base ad Adelaide e regina del camouflage, Emma Hack, realizza la serie Wallpaper in collaborazione con la ditta di carte da parati Florence Broadhurst. In queste opere l’artista, la cui arte si colloca da sempre al crocevia tra pittura, body painting e fotografia, maschera la forma umana sullo sfondo di elaborati disegni neo-liberty, in un gioco narrativo di raro realismo onirico. Emma, tanto impegnata sullo scenario artistico internazionale quanto attiva nel campo dell’advertising, nel 2012 ha fatto conoscere il suo nome grazie alla propria collaborazione nella realizzazione del video musicale di Gotye, “Somebody That I Used To Know”.

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